Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to manage the Network Envoironment using Active Directory?

Active directory – a property modifier

Active directory is the protocol which provides the platform to manage the network environment. Microsoft has done enough amendment to simplify the use of Active Directory in terms of management, migration and deployment.

Important feature of Active Directory include:

· Permission of X.500 close user group professional in the same company.

· Inception of secure data management

· Presence of hierarchical system allows the system administrator to have clean information of individual user accounts

· Object-targeted storage organization, allows easy access for information from anywhere in the network.

Benefits of Active Directory

· Organizations are able to perform their regular business operating while switching over from one network to other network platform.

· Users don’t have to do much amendment in the existing network.

· Existing user accounts and resource permission will be self migrated.

· Services and application running on the existing platform would also get migrated without any effort.

Deployment of Active Directory

User should follow the below suggestion to formulate Active directory over the new server platform.

· Test and verify the deployment process.

· Against the Forest Root create a DNS.

· Create the Forest Root.

· Map a new Regional Domain.

· Import your valuable data from other sources.

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