Sunday, January 31, 2010

Benefits of Print Server

Print server can be a computer or any device which is capable of connecting with one or more printers along with the client computers over a network.
Print server has many benefits because it lowers the administrative and management workload. A print server enables an administrator to manage and control access to each printer. Three level of printer permissions are available, print, manage documents and manage printer. Print permission is granted to everyone in the group. It allows a user to print documents, pause, resume, start and cancel his documents.
Manage documents permission is allocated by administrator to some selected users for controlling job settings for all documents. Manage printer permission enables the user to pause and restart the printer, share a printer, adjust printer permissions, modify printer properties and modify spooler settings.
Client computer jobs are quickly spooled to print server when compared to printer. The main point to be noted is that while printing large jobs from an own printer, resources of client computer are used and he may have to leave his computer running until printing task gets completed. But with the use of print server, if any job has been spooled to it, then user can shutdown his system without any harm.
Print server can also work according to priority of documents. The document with the highest priority will be printed first.


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