Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to Setup a Wireless Newtork

How to setup a Wireless Network:
Wireless network communicate to among computer and other network device. Mostly Wireless network has gotten easy to set up without wires allow to create a dynamic office environment that responds to your business. here we tell you about how to configure the security features of our wireless router or access point. Here are some of the things so that we can protect our wireless network:
What you will need to set up a Wireless Network:
Desktop, Tablet PCs, or Pocket PCs,notebook PCs, equipped with wireless LAN access cards or with built-in wireless support.
A wireless access point:
A broadband Internet connection such as a partial/whole T1 line or a DSL/cable connection for small offices with fewer than 5 people if you plan to share Internet connectivity
Step 1:You connect you wireless access point to the router which supplies your broadband Internet service.
Step 2. Equip all your computers with wireless support.
Step 3:Reset your SSID values to lock down the wireless network
Step4:Configure the security settings on your access points and computers to maximize security
Step1: Your broadband Internet service normally includes a router, which allows you to connect the Internet service with the computers on your network. On a wired network, a standard router, hub or switch shares your Internet connection with your company computers via Ethernet cables. On a wireless network however, the access point replaces the hub or switch to broadcast the signals wirelessly to all of your computers.
To deploy a wireless network, simply connect your wireless access point to your router and it will be ready to share your Internet connection.
Step2: Ensure all of your computers are wirelessly equipped:
For your desktop,hand held and notebook and tablet PCs to communicate over your wireless network,They will need to support the wireless LAN protocol called Wi-Fi.So they can access your wireless network immediately after the installation of an access point.
Access points have compatible protocols,802.11b and 802.11g are inter operable.
Step:3Configure the SSID on your access points and wireless computers:
Wi-Fi access point use to special value as called a SSID to distinguish wireless networks from one another. Access point default setting.
Step4: Configure your access point and cards for maximum security:
After getting your hardware up and running,be carefully review the security options and configuration available to you before communicating sensitive data over the wireless network offer provide the latest in wireless security, including data encryption and user authentication.


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