Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Secure Your Wireless Network

Wireless Network :- it is a network which is set up by radio signal frequency. wireless network cummnicate among computers and other network devices.It also known as Wifi network or WLAN.this types of networking is increaseing day by day nowadays due to easily in setup.The main advantage is also that no cabling involved with it.we can connect many computer in anywhere in your house and office without any wires.In wireless networking computer send the binary data and it will be encoded to radio frequency and transmitted through wireless router.The network computer get the radio frequency data in binary data after decode the signal.

Before installing a wireless router we have known the requirement and how to setup.One wireless support only one WLAN.We keep in mind that setup of WLAN installation as simple as possible.Most probably try to install our wireless router in a central location within the home and office.Keeps your computer closer to your Wifi networking works.In Installation we have to give the name of network,in wi-fi networking, the netowrk name is often called the SSID.We shared same SSID with all router and computer on the WLAN.

If our Wireless networking instalation is done,we have to keep in mind that,all works not done here.We have to more take some precaution regarding to secure oue wireless networking.Some don't know about it, other just ignore it.if we have an unsecured wireless network the outsider computer people connect to your network, use your connection for downloading illegal stuffs. We takes Example in Xp how we check our unsecured network. Go to 'network connection' and search wireless networks in range.in that windows we should be able to see whether the your wireless network "NAME" to is secure or not.In this you have check the WPA or WEP encryption method also.( Right click on the network, select 'Properties' and then look for 'Encryption type' we have to change this Encryption type or password once in a week.Without Encryption and other protectives measure, any one can use you network and see our wi-fi traffic.we should keep ON the firewall build into your router to prevents from hackers on the internet from getting access code to our Computer and also should run software firewalls on individual PCs on our network.Some goods software also available on net to prevent our wi-fi network like Zone Alarm which is easily available on net free.

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